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bullet.jpg (2425 bytes) Fork Frames (Fork Spreader)
Superior Engineering fork frames are essential when lift truck operators need to handle or transport large, bulky loads that require support at the outermost part of the load. Such loads include:
  • drywall
  • re-bar
  • thin panels
  • sheet metal
  • trusses
  • long lumber
  • floor joists
  • steel beams
  • other long or unwieldy materials
Typical fork frame widths are 120" to 240," with capacities ranging from 5000 pounds to 50,000 pounds, but our fork frames can be custom designed to accommodate any brand of forklift, any capacity, and any width and fork length. We can design our fork frames to meet whatever specs you need.

There are a variety of ways we can mount these fork frames to your truck, including:
  • ITA mounting, with upper weld-on ITA hooks and bolt-on lower hooks, for easy on/easy off functionality
  • dovetail mounting, with a receiver mounted on each side of the carriage and the insert welded onto the back of the frame. The insert slides down into the receiver and is secured by a retainer pin.
  • hook and pin mounting, with the pin extended beyond the side of the carriage and a J-hook used to hang the fixed frame. This is typical for a pin-style carriage, but we can also fabricate a pin that bolts to the side of the carriage, then implement the J-Hook style mounting system.
Whatever mounting or configuration you choose, our fork frame attachment will dramatically improve your fleet's ability to handle large or awkward loads, give your lift truck operators a safer and more confident experience, and provide your company with improved performance and efficiency.

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Fork Frames

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