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Superior Engineering ANNOUNCING OUR NEW G3 DESIGN!
Turret Master Attachment
Your solution to expensive, dedicated turret trucks!
Turret Master Attachment

Turret Master Attachment

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G3 Turret Attachment
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Turret attachment in action

Introducing the Turret Master G3 design.

Superior Engineering is proud to announce our new 2010 Gen3 Turret Master Attachment. We have taken the second-generation design that made this unit great, added a few improvements, and now our versatile, narrow aisle attachment is more functional than ever.

The new Gen3 Turret Master Attachment has

  • better visibility
  • better bearing arrangements
  • higher capacities
  • hydraulic plumbing arrangements with no external hosing.

The Gen3 design also allows us to manufacture the unit more efficiently, which has decreased our need for extended lead times by a full week.

Anyone who has experience with our earlier Turret Master attachments will tell you how reliable and maintenance-friendly they are. This Gen3 design change has made the Turret Master even more reliable than it already was, and has made it even more maintenance and service friendly.

Not much has changed as far as operation goes, but the increased visibility is a huge plus. The Turret Master still operates using two auxiliary functions: one for the compound side-shift and traverse of the main frame, and one for the pivoting of the carriage and forks.

Works with virtually all brands of counterbalance lift trucks
The Turret Master Attachment interfaces with nearly all brands of counterbalance lift trucks to provide an alternative to high priced, dedicated narrow aisle turret style trucks that only work one side of the aisle. The Superior pivoting head design works both sides of the aisle with a full 180 degrees of pivot. This gives the operator unlimited load retrieving options.

Our Turret Master Attachment is an integral attachment that mounts into the mast of your lift truck for less lost load and superior performance. The Turret Master Attachment consists of:

  • A fixed frame, which replaces your carriage.
  • An intermediate main frame that side shifts to the left and right. The main frame has a compound, hydraulic/chain side-shifting feature for lateral movement that keeps the overall frame width to a minimum and drastically decreases aisle width requirements
  • A pivot boom that moves to the left and to the right. Attached to the front of the pivot boom is a pivoting carriage where the forks will attach. The carriage and forks pivot 180 degrees to work both sides of the aisle.

The Turret Master Attachment capacities range from under 800 pounds up to 3,300 pounds. For different Turret Master Attachment capacities, different truck sizes are needed. The following is a set of basic guidelines for your lift truck to qualify for turret installation.

  1. The Lift truck must be a cushion tire counterbalance, electric or internal combustion truck. Any other truck must be qualified upon request. We do not install our Turret Master Attachment on order pickers or 3 wheel counterbalance trucks.
  2. Two auxiliary hydraulic functions plumbed to the carriage are required.
  3. The truck must also have an axle width of 48" plus poly-drive tires for increased stability.
  4. The mast must have 31" more lift height than the top shelf, because of the modifications performed on the carriage. On the carriage, we lengthen the bearing spread by 18." We also capture the top mast bearing, which deducts an additional 6," Therefore, if you add the 18" of spread to the 6" for the bearing capture, this gives you 24" of lost lift. A pallet measures about 4" from the top of the rack to the underside of the top slat on the pallet. This leaves you with 3" of lift to get your load off the rack. Add the 3" and 4" together and this gives you 7" for lift off. Add the 24" of lost lift to the 7" for lift-off and this will give you a total of 31" needed to lift your load from the top shelf. If a Superior Engineering mast is used, we will take care of the lift height requirements for you.
  5. Tilt must be restricted to 2 degrees forward and 2 degrees back. A tilt option is available with our Turret Master Attachment which will enable the turret carriage itself to tilt 2 degrees forward and 3 degrees backwards.
  6. Minimum aisle recommendations are 24" more than the load on unguided trucks, and 18" more than the load on guided units.

Our units have been installed on most major forklift brands and shipped throughout the United States as well as to Canada, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Israel.

Please contact Superior Engineering for your special requirements.








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