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Furniture Handler and EZ-Tilt

EZ-Tilt Brochure

Furniture Handler

Superior Engineering furniture handler modifications convert standard electric pallet trucks or tuggers into a complete furniture handling system that can scoop, lift, tilt, and transport various pieces of furniture, making loading and unloading simple and safe. Once furniture pieces have been picked up and positioned, the operator can transport them to a loading dock, down aisles, across warehouses, or anywhere else a standard pallet truck can go.  Furniture handling modifications are typically mounted to a center control unit and come with any size platen that suits your handling needs.


The Superior Engineering EZ-Tilt was designed to enable an operator to lift large, heavy, and awkward bundles or rolls generally moved by a manual hand truck. Our EZ-Tilt design eliminates back-breaking man hours and converts them into productive work hours. The EZ-Tilt attachment also decreases the chances that an operator will cause injury to him/herself in the workplace.

The EZ-Tilt can be specifically designed to meet your application requirements. The Superior Engineering EZ-Tilt is controlled by the pallet trucks existing hydraulic circuit. Two control buttons are added to the drive unit of the EZ-Tilt to control the squeeze arm. The squeeze arm and support lip of the EZ-Tilt may be modified in many ways to suit your application accordingly.

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