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Superior Engineering is a manufacturer of specialty forklift attachments specializing in a standard line of narrow aisle attachments. Founded in 1984, and located in Belton, South Carolina, Superior Engineering supplies narrow aisle attachments to lift truck manufacturers, most material handling dealers, and thousands of users throughout the world.

Our narrow aisle attachments can reduce operating warehouse space up to 50%. All of our narrow aisle attachments are complemented by a standard line of mechanical attachments such as Jib Booms, Fork Extensions, and Carpet Rams.

Not only does Superior Engineering specialize in manufacturing narrow aisle attachments, but we also specialize in customer application-required designs solving problems for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

All of our narrow aisle attachments at Superior Engineering are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, exceeding all OSHA, ASME, and ANSI B56.1 requirements. Each narrow aisle attachment is ergonomically designed with the application and operator's safety and comfort a top priority.


Superior Engineering is dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality material handling products to fit unique applications when a standard product line is ineffective.  As a family owned company quality, service and dependability is significant when preserving our legacy in the material handling business.

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