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Bag Handler

The Superior Bag Handler was developed in response to a need in our own community to be able to safely lift and load bags into a hopper. Once we designed the basic attachment, we've come up with hundreds of different bag handling variations. Before this attachment existed, an operator would have to slide the lifting straps of the bag onto standard forklift forks, then lift and carry the bag. That procedure that puts the operator, the equipment, and the load at risk because, in many cases, the bag straps slip off of the end of the forks and the product gets dropped or damaged. In other cases, employees standing underneath the bag, trying to unload the bag by the bottom spout, have been injured by the bag and its contents when the straps slipped off of the forks.

Our bag handler eliminates risk and concern by lifting the bag straps with fours prongs that are tilted up at an angle. The straps are held in place by the weight of the bag. The angle effectively locks the straps, and the sack, into the natural saddle that the prong provides against a backstop.

We can manufacture this attachment to your specific needs, applications, or requirements. Just contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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