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Freight Car Door Opener

Rail Car Door Opener

Superior Engineering's Freight Car Door Opener, or Railcar Door Opener, can help you open those stubborn rail car doors that don't seem to budge no matter how much manual force you apply. The Freight Car Door Opener mounts directly to the forks of your forklift and relies on the applied resistance of the lift truck to force open the door. This unit extends and retracts so that you can bypass obstacles or barriers and operate within tightly confined spaces. The Railcar Door Opener has a clevis, chain, and hook that creates an extended reach and Specially designed T-Handle locks secure the door opener to the forks of your lift truck. The Railcar Door Opener will be a universal fit for most forklifts and most freight rail car handles, but adjustments in the design can be made to fit your application if required.

Jammed Door?

A rail car door can  frozen, rusted,

jammed .  Just connect the chain and

hook to the handle of the door and

drive forward.  The force of the lift

truck will easily open your door.

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