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Roll Handling Modifications

This modification to your pallet truck allows the end user to safely lift and transport rolls or reels without damage to the load. To implement a pallet truck roll handler modification, Superior Engineering will completely re-manufacture the entire front of your pallet truck in the following manner:

  • The forks and the battery compartment will be completely cut apart.

  • Reinforcement plates will be added to the battery compartment, matching the widened distance of the forks.

  • The linkage will be reassembled, reinforced, boxed in, and tied to the chassis of the power head.

  • An angled plate will be added to the forks to match the diameters of the transported rolls.

  • The pallet truck will be cleaned and repainted to match its original color.

The pallet truck roll handler is one of Superior's most requested modifications because of the versatility and efficiency it adds to a company's material handling capabilities. 

Standard Style Roll Handling Modifications
Winged Style Roll Handler Modification

Below is the "winged" style roll handling modification.  When applicable, we quote these to handle small diameters as well as larger diameters.

Closed Wing

Open Wing

Closed Wing

W/ Roll

Open Wing


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