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The Superior Engineering Roloader is a 360 degree rotating conveyor or a non rotating conveyor that is design to store and retrieve rolls, boxes, slip sheets or anything with a flat solid bottom or runners. With the Roloader mounted on your lift truck it will store and retrieve heavy bundled loads using much less aisle space. The Roloader is operated using high torque hydraulic motors that operate the roller drive and the rotation assembly. Crossover relief valves protect motors from surge pressures. The Roloader uses tough, powered, rubber rollers or belts to move up to 2000-pounds (907 kg) from racks or shelving. Boxes, rolls, pallets, slip sheets and other loads can be handled with the Roloader. Our Roloader rotates to handle loads from any angle of approach to the rack. Side-shift allows the Roloader to be moved right up to the load for easy handling without moving your truck. The results for using a Roloader are maximum storage space use, higher productivity, and greater profits. Compare the Roloader to any side-loading system.

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