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Manipulator Arm and Tooling Integration

Superior Engineering integrates material handling dealers, pneumatic specialists, and end users to develop, install and connect mobile forklifts with pneumatic manipulator arms and end effectors. We install the latest pneumatic systems and fabricate our reservoir and mounting systems better to utilize the given space more compactly. We will install these units on electric pallet trucks, order pickers, counterbalance trucks, or stationary units. We understand that each application is unique; in most cases, one of our pneumatic specialists requires a plant visit.

Superior Engineering quotes the integration installation of a manipulator with tooling and forklift.

Superior Engineering only provides labor and all components to do the integrations.  We do not generally supply the manipulator arm, tooling, or forklift as part of a quote, but in some cases, we provide the arm and the tooling.  If you are interested in a manipulator integration package, you must have the following:


1. A manipulator arm manufacturer or representative quotes you or the customer directly for the arm and tooling.  Superior does not provide these unless we arrange otherwise.


2. You must be the dealer for a lift truck that you would like the manipulator installed onto.  Superior does not sell forklifts.


3. You must contact the lift truck manufacturer for approval for installation.


4. Superior only quotes the integration of the components.  We provide power packs, both pneumatic and electric.  Information from the manipulator arm and tooling manufacturer must be supplied to Superior Engineering before Superior quotes any integration.

All dealers must receive approval from the lift truck manufacturer for installation BEFORE quoting the unit to the end user.


Application to be evaluated on an individual basis and may require one or more of the following:

Pneumatic units:

  1. Arm and End Effector – Pricing will be obtained per application through Air Power. An on-site application evaluation will probably be required for details.

  2. Pneumatic System - A complete air power system that includes a reservoir, pumps, plumbing valves, gauges, and labor. Manual water condensation drainage via a ball valve. 

  3.  Vertical and overhead support system -tied into the truck to support the manipulator arm.

  1. Lowered height restrictions –

  2. Range of motion of the arm

  3. Air reservoir included in this support system weldment. Take reservoir height, under-clearance of the arm, and height restrictions into account when designing or detailing the structure. (Floor to OHG + Reservoir/Underclearance + arm height = Overall height.)

  1.  Home position -for the end effector on either side of the mini-mast

  2.  Mini-Mast with controls:

  1. Capacity – 2000# standard

  2. Lift height – 27” standard.

  3. Fork length – 42” standard

  4. Gravity Conveyor – not standard, but a fork spacer is required to place the pallet face in front of the conveyor.

  1. Hydraulic Power Unit for the mini-mast:

  1. Will the lift truck manufacturer provide power to the operator compartment for a small power pack style unit?

  2. Will the manufacturer be providing hydraulics to the operator platform?

  3. Will the power supply be installed by Superior utilizing a hose & electric reel?

  4. What is the truck voltage?


Electric Units: -

For quoting on Hyster/Yale products only.  This arrangement is pre-engineered through NACCO.

  1. Arm and End Effector – Pricing is to be obtained per application through Air Power. An on-site application evaluation will probably be required for details.

  2. The CANBUS action communication must be coordinated through NACCO and the manufacturer of the arm and end effector for the customers' required actions. (lift, lower, travel etc.)

3.    Mini-Mast with controls:

a. Capacity -

b. Lift height -

c. Fork length -

d. Gravity Conveyor? –


Additional Items:

Creel Basket – There must be a clear window through the operator’s compartment.  This requires a low-level mast that will not impede the operator’s reachability and will not create a pinch point when the mast is in motion.  This Creel basket is manually operated to open and close at the operators' discretion—design requirements to be qualified.

Flip Out Tray Racks – Added to enable the operator to store separators from the stacked pallet alongside the truck.

Special Tool Holders – Per application

If you want to utilize a pallet truck, we can do those, we need to discuss the details of the application.

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