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Save Money
Save precious warehouse and storage space by increasing warehouse space by up to 50%.


Easy  to Use
Our unit is a true turret, and unlike other cumbersome, difficult-to-use, non-intuitive narrow aisle options, you don’t have to aim and hope you make it. Instead, this true turret allows you to drive forward, stop, pull a lever, lift, and retrieve the load.  It takes away the guesswork.

Both Sides of the Aisle
180-degree fork rotation allows operators to choose which side to store or retrieve while traveling in the aisle.  There are no dead end aisle positions or traveling to the end of the aisle to select the other side. This saves you time, productivity, and money.

In many operations, this turret and truck combination can go from rack to truck and truck to rack without needing staging areas or secondary forklifts. Instead, lift loads from the left, lift from the right, or lift straight ahead.  When turned forward, the unit turns into a side-shifter with 53” of side-shift, making loading and unloading a breeze.

Learning Curve
Because the turret is designed to be used in the way we think, it makes learning the turret so much easier.  Travel, side-shift, lift and guesswork or unique skill set is required.

Multiple Options
In addition to standard forks, we offer options for the turret, such as camera systems, fork positioning, rams, clamps, beam handlers, and other unique designs to help you handle your needs.

American Made
This unit is made in South Carolina.  Everything from the engineering, parts fabrication, and assembly is performed at our facility.

Lift Heights
Lift heights of 190” are standard, but we know many other lift heights are needed in higher top-shelf racking applications . We offer 3-stage and 4-stage masts that can lift up to 300”.

Turret Master Attachment

Video of how the Turret  Operates

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